Hero Moms

Hero Moms to be honored at the Freedom March May 5-6 in Jackson, MS

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Anna RicheyAnna Richey (Montana)
Being assaulted by her step father from an early age Anna became pregnant at 12. Telling him turned
out not to be a good idea.He punched her in the stomach,made her take a pill and Anna lost her baby.
He threatened her and demanded she tell no one. But at 13 Anna found herself pregnant again, unwilling
to lose another child.  Her mother when told immediately got all the children safely away and called the police.
The man was imprisoned and Anna give birth to her beautiful daughter who is today the mother of a baby girl.
As a speaker and author, this Hero Mom speaks boldly and unashamed of the love she has for her daughter.



elaine and tony riddick

Elaine Riddick (South Carolina)
Elaine was raped at 13 and gave birth at 14. Drs and other health workers coerced her grandmother into signingto have Elaine sterilized. Elaine wouldn’t learn what had happened until she was 19. Her son is her only child and she cherishes him with all her heart. Her son is a successful entrepreneur.





Tim Wessel and MomTeri Lynn Matich (Michigan)
This Hero Mom was abandoned by her birth family a teenager in the care of a new family was raped by their
drunken son. That family threw her out on the streets pregnant from the assault.  No father for the child and no
family to support her she bravely decided to give life to the child she didn’t ask for.  The boy she raised would
suffer physical, emotional and sexual abuse from adults and would grow to feel worthless, unwanted. Eventually he would decide to take his own life.  That suicide attempt changed his life forever and today they are a loving family of which Christ is the center and he now Pastor’s a church that was turns out to have been born the exact day that he took his first breath outside the womb.


Becky Dunlap Becky Dunlap (Kentucky)
In her words “My Story for His Glory” She could have kept her secret but through her pain she has found greater
purpose and is now helping others find victory after the pain. No one should ever know the pain of rape but Becky found herself pregnant after rape at the age of 13. She was babysitting for a woman whose boyfriend decided to do other things to Becky before taking her home. The man spent less than 8 months in jail and Becky had to face her rapist in the store. Becky lost her baby in a miscarriage.Becky grew up in Wilmore, Kentucky, where she married her second love Marc Dunlap, (Jesus being her first). She has 6 precious kids ages 7-16 and is an active participant at Great Commission Fellowship church in Wilmore, Kentucky. This Hero Mom enjoys spending time with her family and friends, sewing, and being a part of a Renewal ministry  for recovery. She runs a hobby sewing business.


sara gerardo&son

Sara Gerardo (Texas)
She married a violent man. It was only when she became pregnant that Sara found the will to leave him. “Everyone pushed for an abortion,” she said. Sara not only gave birth but is raising her son.  Sara says, “He is the best thing that ever happened to me! He is wonderful, caring, and such a hard worker. I now have a wonderful new life, and it all happened because of him!”




Tayhise Martinez Hero mom


Tayhise Martinez (Texas)
Abused for as long as she can remember even as a toddler Tayhise became pregnant at 12. She became pregnant by her father but chose to give life to her baby girl. She placed the baby for adoption. Never did she have thoughts of abortion. Even at a young age Tayhise knew the value of all life.




Julia and Andy Schoch
Julia and Andy Schoch (Ohio)
Five biological children and one adopted daughter whose mother was 13 when she was raped. A failed abortion attempt left the 13 year old’s daughterwith physical and mental disabilities. But neither the disabilities or the fact she was conceived in rape has ever diminished the love they have for their
precious daughter. They are being honored for being the heroes to the 13 year old and her baby.



Kristin Shreve and son


Kristin Shreve (Texas)
She went on a trip with a friend and was raped 21 times. A whole week of horror but she finally escaped. A month later she learned she was pregnant decided to carry to term and gave birth to a son. “He was heaven sent. I love my son with all my heart. I wouldn’t trade him for anything.”




Hannah Evans and son headshot


Hannah Evans (Texas)

A week shy of her 14th birthday Hannah was raped by a cousin’s ex husband. Because she was on sleep meds she didn’t know she assaulted. It was  6 months before she realized she was pregnant and it took 9 years to find out who had assaulted her.  Her rapist thought he had got away with it due to statue of limitations but served 10 years for what he did. She says,”Thank God I had parents who supported me and did not believe in abortion.”  She loves her son deeply and can’t imagine what life would be without him.

Becca Cruz
Becca Cruz (Virginia)

Becca wants to be at the Freedom March but is unable to because of finances. If anyone would like to sponsor her please click here.
Raised in a very abusive home, mentally, physically, spiritually, and sexually. Pregnant at 14 by her father her friends at school became enemies.She was called every name in the book. She gave birth to a 6# 10 oz baby girl. “I remember not knowing how to love her. How does a 15 year old sheltered, abuse girl know how to love. I didn’t know how to love, I was full of hate. All these years have passed and my daughter and I have been on a roller coaster ride, but now our ride has calmed down. We know what happened to me was meant for evil, but God has turned it around for good. I love Rowena and she loves me.  Rowena was God’s gift to me in the middle of rape and incest. I know many won’t understand. It wasn’t Rowena’s fault that my dad raped and abused me. Rowena deserved life and I thank God I had enough of him to deliver Rowena and keep her and love her till forever. This is a short story of God’s goodness in my life. Read more here